Devastating Hurricane Sandy Took 13 Lives

As expected by the weather forecast experts about the effects of Hurricane Sandy, this super storm made its presence felt in devastating manner by smashing the northeast American coast, creating a chaos by leaving huge population in power cut situation.

The lower Manhattan region is totally under water. The severity of this devastating storm can be well realized with the dead count rising to 13 and more are expected as per experts. It was 4.22 PM when for the first time the water of the sea crossed the sea wall of the Battery Park City, over-flooding the subway tracks, roads, and rail yards, giving the appearance of deadly ghost to the city.

Although the exact reason behind the death of the 13 odd peoples are not yet cleared, but as per our reports two specific deaths occurred in the region of Queens, New York. Because of this devastating storm several flights were cancelled along with disruption in the services of the train. Precaution was taken in advance by the state government to provide protection to the students of schools and colleges by shutting down the institutions. The exact count of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy is not yet cleared; reports are expected soon for further updates.

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