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Ice Cream Sandwich, The Latest Android OS

Google has finally showed its latest Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. This new OS will take over all other Android OS of the tablets and smart phones in future. The features in the Ice Cream Sandwich are not just limited to an update of the earlier versions. Instead it is a complete makeover along with many new and exciting innovative features.

One of them is “Android Beam” which allows users with the Samsung Galax Nexus Smart phones to exchange contents just by tapping the phones together. A simple tap will also open up a download link to an application in the other phone.

The other mind blowing feature in the Google ice cream sandwich is its ‘Face Unlock’. The phone can recognize the face of the user through its camera and would immediately shut it once it is handled by anybody else. Although the application didn’t work satisfactorily during the demo, users will definitely fancy it.

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