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Couple Of Earthquakes Hit San Francisco Bay Area

Couple of earthquakes shattered the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday. The first one occurred at 2.45 P.M. followed by another after five and half hours later.

The U.S. Geological Survey revealed that the magnitude of the earthquakes were of 4.0 and 3.8. While the epi-center of the first one was located at two miles from Berkeley, that of the second was only a mile away from the city.

Ironically the earthquake occurred just after millions of people went through the drill of how to act during such catastrophe. Around 8.5 million people in California, of which 1.3 million were from the Bay Area took part in the Great ShakeOut, the earthquake-response drill.

Although the earthquakes occurred in close proximity on the same day, Dale Grant, a USGS Geophysicist said it is difficult to correlate them tectonically, which by itself is rare. Mayor Ed Lee said that the earthquakes go on to show how important the drills are. The Bay Area witnessed a quake after twenty two years. The last one to occur was the Loma Prieta earthquake on 17th October 1989.

Public transport came to a halt for about half an hour due to the earthquake but there was no disruption in the Caltrain service.

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