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Facebook Brings All New Facebook Home For Mobile Users

Facebook Home is a revolution in the market. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “mobile is better” than “mobile is first”. Homescreen in most Android phones come with Chat Heads and message application. Now, Facebook user can stay in touch with the latest updates from friends at any time. The improvement in the notification is a remarkable change. One can chat instantly without any new application support. While you check the New Feed into Facebook, you can chat with your friends at the same time. It is a great for Facebook user and brings a unique change in the mobile use.

A new home screen in the mobile handsets is a remarkable change in the social media. Now, one user stays closer with friends and even advertisers. Mar Zuckerberg wants to bring the mobile phones live for people and not of any application. Reviews on the Facebook Home are a mix of positive and negative view. Some experts agree that the software is fast in service. It enhances the speed of the Facebook user. However, on the other hand, experts also observe that there is a lack in the interface support. Overall, Facebook Home launch will drive a new world of social media and friends in connection.


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