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HTC Tablet On Verizon: Coming On BLACK FRIDAY

Perhaps due to Apple’s overgrowing popularity due to iPad has inspired HTC a lot to make their own tablet computer for Google. As per our insider’s scoop HTC, the well-known smart phone manufacturer is now stepping forward to make HTC tablet which will be launched this November on Black Friday in US. Moreover this tablet by HTC will run on Chrome OS, a forthcoming open-source operating system by Google.

This Chrome OS tablet by HTC will be available on Verizon Network. Rumor is that this forthcoming tablet PC will be offered at an unexpected low price to grab the market for iPad buyers.

Though the detailed specifications of this gadget are still unknown, but are expected to be integrated with Qualcomm mobile chipsets. Additionally a 1280×720 capacitive touchscreen, with integrated WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth will also be there in this tablet PC including a webcam. Some other probable attributes are 2GB RAM with expandable storage using a multi card reader. This ChromeOS tablet will be based on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, therefore it will offer better hardware acceleration and can perform certain tasks than the CPU, which includes graphic processing on a webpage, playing Flash games or videos etc.

Whether this upcoming Tablet PC by HTC will be able to give a tough competition to Apple’s iPad or not is still to be seen until its arrival. Hence for now we would like to grab more information on this device. So stay in touch with us for more updates.

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