Women Tend To Cry Much More Than Men

women cryingScientists and research analysts all around the globe has met with success in most of the cases but has deliberately failed to find a clear answer to a very common question ‘why women cry more than men?’ A question that every men specially married and engaged men are obsessed about, still the world has no satisfying answer to the matter of paramount grievance.

Women live with lot of tantrums which increase with their growing age. Till adolescence a boy and girl does more or less the same amount of ‘waterworks’, after which girls tend to possess raging sea waters while tender and calm boys stay happy with small lakes of their own. Bizarre statistics obtained from the German Society of Ophthalmology reveal that women, on an average shed tears between 30 and 64 times a year, whereas male counterparts face a shameful defeat with a score of just 17 during the same period. The story does not end here. For women, weeping turns into full-fledged heavy downpour in 65 percent cases, whereas males sob only in 6 percent cases.

The mind boggling statistics force one to research as to why such things happen. However the mind only comes up with possibilities and probabilities. Women, possess inherent property of being melodramatic and boasts of fantastic capacity of down pouring heavy rainfall at any matter how small may it be. In most of the cases it is nothing but a weapon to hunt down men’s sympathy and win the demand at any cost. Women after marriage are even dangerous than teenage girls. It is seen they fight with the husbands to their level best and then takes shelter under their dramatic cry, eventually when they runs out of logic.

Such situations are very common and to avoid such matters, men can take care of few issues:

  • Men should try to complement their wives or girlfriends in most of the cases.
  • Men shall never say them to shut up their mouth. Instead compliment and say they look beautiful with mouths closed.
  • Even after the age of 30, when make ups fail drastically to cover up frailties in a women’s face, men shall not forget to say that she is still in her sweet sixteen.
  • Married men must avoid saying their actual income to their better halves.
  • Always try to respect great disasters like anniversaries to be the best day in life.

Men shall never lose control and be emotional. Instead acting according to the situation and finding solution like the ones above may help in many cases.

Research again provides with possibilities as why women cry more than men, but good sense of judgement and wisdom helps maintain peace, which is rarely seen after engagement.

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