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EPA Power Plants Becomes A Concern For Fuel Industries

The growth of EPA power plants have become a reason for concern various groups in Washington. A debate on the benefits and the hazards caused by the promotion of EPA power plants is still to reach any conclusion. The proposed means will release not more than 1,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour of electricity –with the help of natural gas and coal-fired power plants;which is still not obtained by the present day coal plants. But in the present situation 40% electricity in U.S. is provided by the use of coal. John Podesta claims that the climate change imposes a threat on coal and thus should act upon it to prevent further degradation.

Although the new method may give various advantages, it will definitely lead to an economic setback. The U.S Chamber of Commerce has released a study, according to which the new standards will be the cause for the loss of 224,000 jobs, every year till 2030. However a contrary view is proposed by the Environmental groups, who believe that shifting to means of cleaner energy, will boost the economy. According to Bob Deans the investment in innovative means will only generate new job opportunities across the country, which will finally contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The proposal of controlling the emission of carbon dioxide from the existing industries will lead to a cleaner environment, which will be beneficial to the health of the general masses. If new standards are availed then there will be a reduction of 27% for sulphur dioxide and mercury and 22% for nitrogen oxide, according to the environmentalists. This in return would help in controlling further decline in the climate, giving a better environment to live in. Studies have also shown that the new rule if applicable will reduce risks of heart attacks, asthma and other problems by restraining these pollutants.

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