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Is Smart TV’s Cyber Criminals’ Next Intention?

Eugene Kaspersky, the chief executive and the co-founder of Kaspersky Lab – the world’s fourth major antivirus company, claims that televisions enabled with internet functions are facing the high risk of getting infected by computer viruses.

In an interview, Kaskpersky alleged that home environments could fall victim to security threats and technology is prevailing to be more vindictive because of widespread internet connections. He also claimed that his company headquarters in Moscow received more than three hundred thousand threats on a daily basis.

In addition, he stated that these threats would branch out through internet enabled television. He did not hesitate in averring that Microsoft, along with Android and Apple’s iOS were prone to yearly virus attacks which numbered over millions.

He apprehended that engineers pursue developing software limited to Android, as all the operating systems remained equally susceptible to such attacks. Although, Kaspersky ascertains concerned sections of the society that they already have a solution for mobile versions and are developing a prototype for televisions; also asserting that it was only a matter of time until its inception, which could counter malware launched by criminals.

Nonetheless, Kaspersky still remains dreaded of the prospect of IT systems critical infrastructures being attacked by cyber criminals in the not so distant future.

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