Failure In Heart Attack Care Is Leading To Thousands Of Deaths In UK

heart attackNegligence in taking care of patients who have suffered from a sudden severe instance of abnormal heart functioning especially coronary thrombosis is the main cause of thousands of deaths of human beings. As per the analysis was done by the researchers of Leeds University 33,000 deaths could have been prevented over a span of ten years in the UK because doctors are not strictly taking the proper course of action for patients who have already suffered from the coronary thrombosis. An estimated figure of over 3,89,057 cases of  the most prevailing kind of coronary thrombosis  namely NSTEM has been discovered in patients  admitted in 247 hospitals in England and Wales according  to the analysis made by the British Heart Foundation and National Institute for Heart Research.

Most of the patients have failed to take advantage of the medical advice given by doctors especially taking proper diet, to avoid smoking tobacco especially as a cigarette etc. They also do not take the medicine prescribed for not forming a soft thick lump in the heart called P2Y12 preventive and also do not get the  advantage of being tested for coronary angiography. The doctors can get an image of the coronary arteries by means of a staining substance and also X-rays to have a clear idea about the same.

Dr. Chris Gale, an associate professor of Cardiovascular Health Science has pointed to the unexpected negligence on the part of the doctors in taking the proper course of action for patients who have already suffered from NSTEM coronary thrombosis. One patient in a month in each hospital in England and Wales is dying because of the results of the above negligence. But today the cure for such problems has been found by prescribing stains which are very vital to prevent death.

Over a period of time, British Heart Foundation has laid out millions of pounds on studying deeply the problems of recognizing the actual way of knowing the treatment needed for a patient who has suffered from coronary thrombosis. This systematic way of collecting information on the above-mentioned disease and practically using the principles will help in the long run to prevent the deaths of people.

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