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Exit Poll West Bengal 2011 Results May Make Left Less Relevant in Indian Politics

Today, all the channels were busy in showing the exit poll West Bengal 2011 results. Elections were held in the five states of West Bengal, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Poducherry and Assam. Results are expected to be declared on May 13th.

As per the exit poll West Bengal 2011 results the Trinamool Congress and Congress Alliance is all set to sweep the assembly elections in West Bengal. The TMC-Congress alliance under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee is ready for a clean sweep in this red citadel.

In Tamilnadu, AIADMK under Jayalalitha is expected to assume power after a tough fight with the DMK. In Kerala, UDF led by Congress is all set to capture power and Assam could give Congress a third verdict, but with a hung mandate.

But it will be a complete sweep for TMC-Congress alliance in West Bengal. Out of 294 seats in West Bengal, TMC-Congress alliance is all set to get around 220-240 seats. Going by the trends of exit polls West Bengal 2011 results, it will be a great victory for Mamta Banerjee and complete rout of the Left from West Bengal.

In Tamilnadu, AIADMK may get around 130 seats and DMK around 114 seats. In Assam, Congress is expected to get around 64 to 72 seats and Tarun Gogoi is expected to return as Chief Minister of Assam.

If the exit polls West Bengal 2011 results come true, then number of Left MP’s in the Rajya Sabha will get reduced to a great extent and Left is definitely going to lose voice much on issues of national politics.



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