Nicki Minaj And Her Hot Music Video For Super Bass

Rapper Nicki Minaj came up with a music video to the catchy track “Super Bass”. To describe the video in one word one has to use the word “Colorful”. Though the video is a fashion disaster in the offing with Minaj wearing a cat suit with leopard spots to boot and eye shadow that’s a bright yellow, one has to appreciate the amount of effort that has been put in making this one very bright video.

nicki minaj songs, nicki minaj hot videoWhile the lyrics are essentially silly, the catchy tune keeps the video working. There are some weird stunts pulled in the video however such as riding a motorcycle that is made of ice but the rest of the video is simple enough.

The most important part of the video however has nothing to do with the ice or the dress or for that matter the song. When you see the video you will not be able to take your eyes of Nicki Minaj. In simple terms she is HOT! When she rides that bike made of ice you may well be left with your jaw down. Nicki Minaj carries the video on her shoulders all alone and makes it worth a watch at least (more than one watch if you consider all the right/wrong reasons!)


Nicki Minaj is all set to open for Britney Spears in the upcoming Femme Fatale Tour and if you want to watch Minaj live and also catch up with her backstage be sure to enter the “Super Bass Contest” that offers five pairs of show tickets for the winners. How to Enter? Make your own music video for Nicki’s song “super bass” and you stand a chance to win the tickets. You may want to try a cat suit in the video to help your chances!


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