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Leaked Plutonium found near Japan Nuclear Plant

The devastating earthquake & Tsunami has not only just destroyed Japan in many ways, but it has also raised the terror of nuclear radiation due to the disruption of nuclear reactors of Japan at Fukushima. Radiation of more than the accepted levels is found in areas around Fukushima nuclear reactor plant. Harmful radioactive elements are detected in the environment of Fukushima.

Now the effect of nuclear radiation after so many days of tsunami occurrence is rising exponentially. Environmentalists are seriously worried about the radiation as the radioactive elements are seen in water, milk, food products etc in areas around Fukushima, in alerting levels. Dangerous radioactive element i.e. Plutonium is also seen in the environment and waters at a serious level, though the Japan officials are saying that the levels are not at all dangerous. One of the officers from the Electric Power Inc. of Tokyo said that the detected levels of Plutonium are not at a serious note. He also added that they received samples from five areas that are suspected of nuclear radiation.

Due to the failure of cooling system and a breach in the reactor, there was increased heat in the plant due to which there were flames in nuclear reactor. This resulted in evaporation of radioactive elements. Though all steps like cooling the reactor with water, reconnecting electricity etc are done, there is still leak of radioactive elements like Plutonium into the environment.

The Plutonium leak in the environment is causing worry among many naturalists and eco-workers. However the levels of this radioactive element are in traces. As the food & water is contaminated in Fukushima area, supplies are sent from outside the nation.

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