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Apple Smartphone Vs Samsung Decision Wins $1 Billion

After one year of litigation, as per the jury’s decision Samsung has cleaved the pioneering apple technology to create its iPhone and iPads. An order was placed for Samsung to pay Apple $1.5 Billion which was also followed by an appeal. Apple filed the lawsuit on April 2011and hired the best lawyers of the country to fight the case. They claimed $2.5 from its topmost competitor in the market. However, Samsung Electronics replied with another lawsuit which claimed $399 million from Apple. There were few claims from Apple that involved about two dozens of Samsung devices that were in issue along with the monetary demand. Jurors declined both the claims.

It was found that many Samsung phones have illegal Apple creations as a bounce back characteristics. Apple also demanded that Samsung has pulled most of its market in US. Judge sent the jury to investigate about the $2.5 claim and the damages done to the Apple products. It was found that no violation was done to the Apple patents by Samsung. The closing argument of the trial highlighted the fact that Samsung was facing a design crisis after 2007 launch.

A Korean company promised illegal cash success of the Samsung devices. Samsung lawyers claims that the Apple patents were not violated and the Apple innovations were of a different company. The combined sales have covered more than half global sales of Smart phones and as per McElhinny those devices accounted $8.16 billion in sales since the month of June 2010.

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