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Google Was Hacked By Getting Orders From Chinese Leaders

An US cable released by WikiLeaks has stated that Google was hacked in China by getting orders from one of the top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party which rules the country. We all know that the US searching giant Google closed their Chinese server in March and all users from China still now get redirected to the Google Hong Kong server.

The US cables released by WiliLeaks has raised many eyebrows in the International trade and political relationships and this latest one may affect the already tensed US and Chinese relationships. Though it cannot be verified, but it shows under what tremendous political pressure Google was forced to close down their servers in March in China. The Chinese officials were not available for comment on this issue.

New York Times has stated that the cable says propaganda Chief Li Changchun, the fifth-ranked official in the country, and top security official Zhou Yongkang used to supervise the hacking process of Google. Both are known to be senior members of the Chinese Communist Party.

Google has taken up the issue seriously as they are facing competition in many countries about the dominance of their operations. A legal suit has been filed against them by the EU officials.

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