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Pongal, Festival Of Harvest Is Here

Pongal festival is being celebrated every year in the months of January. It is widely known as the festival of harvest and is being celebrated with great enthusiasm in different parts of India. The festival of Pongal is mainly celebrated in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Kerala with much pomp and vendor.

The festival is mostly celebrated by the South Indian Hindus. The celebration of Pongal is found in those parts of the world where there is a concentration of sizeable numbers of South Indian Hindus. The Pongal festival is mainly dedicated to the sun God Surya and is mainly symbolized as the northward journey of Sun God. The festival marks the entry of Sun God into the house of Capricorn. To celebrate the holiness of the occasion, the Government has declared a holiday on this day.

The Pongal festival is celebrated for four days in a row and every day has its own level of significance. On 13th January, it is known as “bogi” and on 14th January, it is marked as Pongal. On 15th January, it is celebrated as Mattuppongal and 16th January is known as Thiruvalluvar Day. Rice is cooked on the day of Pongal and served to God with lots of prayers of good harvest.

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