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Finally, PayPal Has Frozen The WikiLeaks Account

In the continuing Internet backlash against the controversial website WikiLeaks, PayPal has frozen their account with them. Announcing their decision PayPal authorities have stated that they have done this to stop the ongoing support the organization was getting in the form of donations through PayPal.

PayPal’s move is considered to be very serious as it is going to ruin the financial spine of the enterprise as WikiLeaks used to get huge donations for support and the entire payment was made through their PayPal account. The Governments in different countries have already blocked the controversial website.

Meanwhile, an Interpol arrest warrant has been issued in the name of Julius Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks over an allegation of sexual assault against him in Sweden. Assange has gone into hiding and police in all countries are desperately searching for him.

The website WikiLeaks has disclosed about 250 secret cables of the US Government and each of them are enough to draw new boundaries of International relations. Things like US Government have asked their diplomats to spy on other nations in the UN meet have raised many eyebrows and Hillary Clinton has already started lot of criticism from other countries.

Meanwhile, in a written interview to Guardian newspaper, Assenge has said that being an Australian by birth, he misses his country by birth. He was also critical of the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard of not standing by him at this hour of crisis, but supporting the US Government instead.

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