US And EU Have Expanded Sanctions Against Russia

Reacting strongly to the gunning down of the Malaysian airlines plane carrying 295 people, US and EU authorities have expanded their sanctions on various fronts on Russia. Obama warned Russia about the situation in Eastern Ukraine and told them to control the flow of rebels.

While the earlier sanction was a preliminary one to make them warned but the new sanctions are said to be major blows to Russian economy and self-estimation. Further Obama said that US is keeping a close look on the daily situation in Eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed disappointment over the sanctions made by the US government and told from Brasilia where he is currently visiting that these actions taken by the US can cause a great harm to the relationship between the US and Russia. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called the sanctions made by Obama administration as outrages and total unacceptable. He also added that Russia will also not step back from taking such measures against the United States in the near future if the situation demands.

Separatist rebels claimed to have shot down a military transport plane near the rebel held city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian security officials said that they lost with a small 26 military transport plane near the city where there were heavy fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatist rebels. Pro-Russian rebels were pulling out of a flashpoint area of Eastern Ukraine as authorities in Kiev savored a major military success in their three month fight against the separatists. Interior minister Arsen Aakov said a large number of separatists had fled to Slaviansk after sustained fire from Ukrainian forces. Now US president Barrack Obama made his intentions clear by giving sanction to the major banks, energy and defense companies.

JIT Mukherjii
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