Judge Orders Samsung Electronics To Pay $290 Million To Apple

Samsung Electronics were ordered to pay $290 million to the Apple for being guilty of infringement of the patents of Apple. This order was passed by the jury in Silicon Valley. The Apple accused the Samsung electronics of using their important and essential features without any permission. The features of the iPhone and iPad were taken by the Samsung, as accused by the Apple. This allegation was found to be true by the jury. There were a total of 26 Samsung products which were involved in this allegation among which about 13 were found to be using the features of Apple. These devices, however, are not the new products of Samsung Electronics but the older ones.

The case has been in motion for quite some time now. In accordance with the report the previous jury has declared an award of & 1.05 billion to the Apple. However, a nice trial was ordered by Judge Lucy Koh who is a US district Judge. Koh then awarded an amount of $450 million to Apple. Koh said that the award amount calculated by the previous jury was wrong and thus this new amount was decided.

Samsung electronics is however not ready to take it up in good terms and thus they have appealed against the verdict and also they will be appealing for the latest verdict, as said by an personnel. Apple also seems not to be happy with the amount they are awarded as they have again decided to move a case against Samsung claiming that the newest devises manufactures by Samsung electronics are also a copy of Apple’s latest technology.

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