Hundreds Storm Israel Court Protesting Arrest of Top Rabbi: Further Violence Expected

Arrest of Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi has lead to widespread protests in Israel. Thousands of right wing activists today marched into the Supreme Court to protest against his detention. All major streets in Jerusalem and the main entrance to the city remain blocked.

The protest was organized by Yesha Council of Settlements and some other groups who are not having good terms between each other. Meanwhile, right wing activists have claimed that the arrest may lead to spread of further violence if rabbi is not released.

Head of investigations division has ordered his detention after Rabbi refused all previous summons of the court. Lior was detained as he has been accused of endorsing the controversial book named “Torat Hamalech” which has supported the killing of non Jews.

A joint statement has been released yesterday by two chief rabbis of Israel, namely Yona Metzger and Sholmo Amar. The statement said, “the severe damage to the dignity of an important rabbi and rabbinic judge, one of Israel’s greatest rabbis.” They have also asked the people not to protest people’s questioning of Lior.

The author of the book Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira was detained, questioned and finally released. Three more rabbis appended to it as that is a standard procedure for Torah bokks written by young rabbis.

After receiving the summons, Lior did not came for questioning and refused to accept the summon. So, an arrest warrant was issued against him. Police has said that they will release Lior after their investigation and questioning will be over.


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