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CM Jaya Introduces Bill To Safeguard Dhoti

Providing a safety belt to the culture of Tamil Nadu, it was CM Jayalalithaa who introduced a bill in the assembly that barred recreation clubs, associations, companies and societies from restricting persons wearing a dhoti.

The bill proposed that any club or organisation found guilty of violating the new law will be liable to cancellation of license. Besides, anyone found guilty in person of violating the provision may face imprisonment up to one year or may be fined to an extent of Rs. 25000. The bill not only safeguards Tamil Nadu’s identity but also protects Indian culture too. It says that no one shall be denied entry into any public place wearing a “veshti” (dhoti) or any other Indian cultural dress, provided the dress is worn in a decent manner.

This bill was triggered by an incident of denial of entry to Madras high court judge Justice D Hariparanthaman and two senior advocates in to Tamil Nadu cricket Association Club at Chepauk in Chennai, as they were wearing dhotis. The incident happened a month back and created debates in the state and called for stringent action against the clubs.

Opposition parties, including the DMK, the DMDK, the Congressand the Left parties decried the disrespect and extended their support in favour of the strong law that could curb down the audacity of such clubs to ignore culture.

Beyond doubt such a bill will safeguard people who value dhoti and find pleasure in wearing them. With this law enforced, no forces can deny them entry anywhere in the state.

JIT Mukherjii
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