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Anna Hazare Fast May Create Traffic Clogging In The Capital

As the anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare plans to start his fast till death from August 16th in the Jai Prakash Narayan Park in New Delhi,  police are making all sorts of arrangements to tackle the traffic chaos that may add in the capital because of the situation.

Jai Prakash Narayan Park is located just adjacent to the Ferozeshah Kotla Grounds and the area is accessible only by road. There is no metro station in the surrounding area. The park can accommodate around 10,000 persons and as supporters of Anna Hazare will start gathering on the ground, many internal routes will get clogged. These include SP Mukherjee Marg, Ansari Road and Bahadurshah Zafar Marg. If these routes get clogged, it may affect movement of traffic along the Ring Road.

Due to this reason, traffic police have decided that people will have to park their car about one or two kilometers away from the venue and they will have to walk to the place to see Anna Hazare fast till death. People may be allowed to park their vehicle in Rajghat or Mata Sundari Marg and can walk down to the venue from that place.

The difference of opinion between Anna Hazare and the Government over the drafting of the Lokpal Bill has led to the announcement of the social activist of his decision to start a fast till death from 16th August.

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  1. all the ministers are traitors,they should be hanged.congress has always destroyed the 1947 partition was there,then in 1962 they led us to defeat in sino-indian war then in 1984 sikh riot then in 1987 boffors scandal.ministers of congress are basterds like manmohan singh,kapil sibbal,digvijay singh etc.

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