Director Offended With Mankatha Songs Download

Venkat Prabhu did not take the matter in good terms. He was shocked to find out that Mankatha songs download are available on the Internet. The director did not waste any time and was fast to react and he went to trace the persons who were making the Mankatha songs download available on the Internet through different websites.

By the time the director traced the persons who have placed the songs in their website for download, fans of Ajith have downloaded already the songs in their computer and naturally, very fast they will be available in the market.

The director said that it took four hours for him to find out the persons who have offered Mankanth songs download in their website. But by that time, the damage has already been done and the songs are already out in the market.

Venkat Prabhu felt it to be very disappointing that Ajith fans have downloaded the songs and have done a huge loss to the music business of the film.

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2 Replies to “Director Offended With Mankatha Songs Download

  1. Venkat sir i also find the mankatha songs in some internet.iam a big fan of ajith.on seeing songs in web i shocked that how it released before one day.you said that because of downloading that songs it gives loss for music.dont worry ajith fans never disappoint you.all the best for film.release in good way.

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