Shah Rukh Khan Fans Are Truly Disappointed- But Why?

While Shah Rukh Khan and his director Anubhav Sinha maintain to offer creative ideas to make Ra.One we can surely expect it to be another super hit. But this time everything seemed like they may have “bitten off more than they can chew”.

Few days’ earlier news was published about the fans as they will be able to interact with their favorite super hero Shah Rukh Khan during watching the movie in the theatres. The idea was no doubt a ground breaking ne, but it had to be dropped because of some technical malfunctions.

A source says, “Since the film also deals with videogames, SRK and Anubhav were toying with the idea of making Ra.One an interactive experience. And one of the proposals suggested providing audiences with a gadget which allows them to control the characters on screen.”

Though the director of the movie claims, the procedure of putting the whole idea into action turned out to be way too complicated. They couldn’t take the risk since they had no idea about whether they will be able to succeed. The whole process event didn’t reach the testing stage.

Dropping the idea of interacting with their favorite Shah Rukh Khan has certainly made his fans quite disappointed. We hope next time onwards they will do a reality check before making such empty promises.


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