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All The 29 New Zealand Miners Have Died Today

It is a sad day as it has been reported that all the 29 miners who were trapped in a New Zealand mine are dead. The miners got trapped in the mine last week following an explosion and it raised huge international uproar as rescue team tried their best to bring them alive.

The miners were alive after the initial explosion, the rescue team reported. But the team said that there was another round of explosions today which left everybody trapped there dead. The second explosion took place on Wednesday afternoon and as a result, nobody survived.

The death of the miners again raised a question on safety of the workers practiced in the mines as it puts a huge risk on the life of the miners. Though the same question was raised after the miners got trapped in Chile, but it seems nothing changed below the ground.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has described the incident as a national tragedy and he expressed all help and support to the family of the deceased. The Queen of England has also sent a condolence message to the families of those who died in Pike River Mine. To avoid responsibility, the CEO of the Park River Mine said that the mine would have been filled with gas which they were not aware of.

The age group of those 29 men varied from 17 to 62 years. Though most of the dead were from New Zealand, there were some Scots and South Africans among those who died in the explosion.

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