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General Physician Took Intimate Pics Of His Female Patients Through His Wrist Watch Camera

A doctor named Davinder Jeet Bains, 46 years has been taping the intimate parts of the bodies of his female patients through a camera which has been hidden in his wrist watch.

It is really an innovated new type of watch as seen normally in the films to capture the intimate photocopies of medical examination conducted for women. The device is specially designed and manipulated to get the closer view of the intimate scenes through the tiny camera configured in it.

It was reported that 200 female patients aged between 14 and 51 have been taped and recorded high quality obscene videos over 3 years. On being guilty for this misconduct he was termed a jail sentence for 12 long years. He has been found to be a repeated offender when his student accused him and blamed for his misdemeanor especially by drugging and sexually abusing while locking up her in the room.

His clinics have been raided by officers and on introspection about 361 video clips stretching about 10 and 45 minutes have been found. About 3000 victims with such video footage have been discovered while undergoing medical examination and primarily they had no clue on the subject that they had been intentionally framed through his wrist watches with hidden camera acting as the spy in such molestation.


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