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It Is Going To Be Modi Again In Gujarat : Survey

As per past evidences it was pretty difficult to analyze and predict that December assembly election of Gujarat is all set to give an unexpected shock to Narendra Modi. Depending on the predictions which are being made, it can be felt that Narendra Modi is expecting a whopping come back.

India Today ORG organized a poll on last week of October, and the result of the poll shows the bigger chance of Modi’s majority in 2012 election in comparison to 2007. The expected projected seat counts for 2012 are 128, against 117 seats for the year 2007. But the CNN-IBN poll is not ready to disclose any clear cut result about seat projection in the coming assembly election.  The survey which was conducted on the pre poll opinion of CNN-IBN shows a majority of 50 % voting in favor of Modi.

A drop of 2% in the vote for Congress has also been noticed. In short we can say the charismatic personality of Modi laid the path for getting the biggest share of vote for BJP, in 2012 Gujarat assembly election.

JIT Mukherjii
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