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Some US citizens Arrested For Supporting Taliban

The federal prosecutors on Saturday charged a Pakistan descent with US citizenship along with his four family members and one other man for supporting Pakistani Taliban with hidden money or wealth.

The US Justice Department has clarified in his statement that of the six accused two are imams and belonged to South Florida and others belonged to Pakistan. These people were charged for hatching a conspiracy to murder, injure and kidnap persons abroad and helping Pakistani Taliban for striking back against US for killing Osama Bin laden, an al-Qaeda leader.

The particulars of the six accused are Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, 76, resident of Miami, his sons named Irfan Khan, 37 years old and Izhar Khan, 24 years old resident of North Lauderdale, Florida, Ali Rehman, Alam Zeb, and Amina Khan are the other accused with US citizenship.

According to Wilfredo A. Ferrer, U.S. Attorney, Hafiz Khan, an imam was amin culprit for all this scam and was arrested from South Florida on Saturday whereas his two sons were handcuffed from Los Angeles.

It is to mention that Hafiz and Izhar Khan are being planned to appear before the court on 16th May, 2011 in Miami and Irfan Khan is to present himself before the court in Los Angeles.

All the accused were found guilty for three counts and every count result in 15 years of imprisonment.

The Justice department of US sated that Hafiz Khan is the manager of the traditional mosque of the respective city. Following the charge, FBI has started investigating the case to know about the further hidden clarification.


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