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Abbott Paying Back To Immigrants To Leave Australia

Asylum seekers staying in Manus island and Nauru detention centers in Australia has been offered $10,000 to forget their dream of settling in Australia and go back to their country of origin from where they have fled and entered the Australian land in boats.

Abbott government was looking confident while making the announcement, because the Australian High Court on Friday issued a statement saying Government must ban issue of permanent protection visas to those who have arrived in boats and can be termed as refugees.

Australia’s ruling coalition has increased the payment amount of the asylum seekers to $10,000 which is much higher than what was given in the last year and that amount varied from $1500 to $2000. As per the report published by the Refugee Council of Australia, they are now ranked 17th in the world in terms of resettlement of refugees is concerned.

Asylum seekers who will accept the cash will be taken to Hideaway Hotel in Port Moresby and from there they will be flown back to their own country. The stay at the hotel will be sponsored by the International Organization of Migration. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has said that from September 2013, about 283 persons have voluntarily taken this scheme and have gone back to their own country. The payment will be made once the person returns to his own country of origin. Human rights groups have started protesting against this decision and are of the opinion that people must not be paid and asked to leave and go back to their own country.

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