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Garmin Launches Four GPS Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

Garmin was popularly known as a market leader in mobile technology. Then due to some unknown reason the company stopped launching new and innovative smartphone apps for a time. Though the company tried their level best to come out of the sudden downfall by signing up a venture with Asus, but later it turned into a failure. Now they’re again on the verge of a new innings through introducing few wonderful iPhone app, one of them is called StreetPilot to fight the likes of TomTom, Magellan and Navigon.

The application has got the usual Nuvi interface, and provides turn-by-turn directions to the users with text-to-speech spoken road names along with graphic lane guidance. Moreover, it features free traffic alerts in combination with built-in Contacts. It also facilitates the user to play their own tunes while driving and multi-tasking support, allows them to receive phone calls even as the app works in the background. The customers can avail Garmin StreetPilot app in the AppStore at only $39.99.

In addition to these functionalities Garmin also launched a trio of non-GPS apps for both iPhone and Android devices:

  • Garmin Tracker for iPhone and Android devices are very helpful to the users since it helps them in monitoring the location of the recently launched Garmin GTU 10 tracking device.
  • My-Cast Lite – Users can remain alert about the local weather forecasts and its radar monitoring system to Android phones is simply remarkable.
  • myMechanic – This app will be released in February, it will function together with the Garmin EcoRoute HD module to monitor vehicle performance metrics. It’s only for Android devices.
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