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Communities Separated On Announcement Of John Demjanjuk Conviction

The conviction given on John Demjanjuk’s role in war crimes divided the two communities in Ohio in different parts. The two American communities of the Jewish and Ukrainian have varied reactions to the Demjanjuk outcome. Before the reaction of these communities is introduced to you, let us tell you who John Demjanjuk is.

John Demjanjuk was born in Ukraine and he was charged in the case of murder of people in Germany during the Sobibor camp in Poland (occupied by Nazi). Though he was accused in the case but no action was taken against him until now. He has been retired from the post of autoworker and since then living in home situated in Seven Hills. Moreover, no notice has been put on his house in all these years.

The survivors of the Holocaust have welcomed the conviction. People who have lost their relatives during the war are happy that the culprits are getting punishment for what they did long years back.

Initially the survivors were doubtful whether the culprit would be convicted or he would be allowed to leave as it happened in Israel. However, Demjanjuk was convicted and it brought a wave of happiness amongst survivors of Holocaust.

On the contrary, there are people who think that John Demjanjuk had not done anything initially and the circumstances forced him to act in hostile manner. These people still think that the conviction given is not serving justice. Demjanjuk is being used only as a puppet and he has done nothing wrong during Nazi war.

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