India is Becoming Preferred Destination For Surrogate Motherhood Outsourcing

India is becoming a preferred outsourcing destination for surrogate motherhood. Surrogate pregnancy is a type of reproductive technique where the woman is found to carry the baby of another woman in her own womb. Since India is always cheap on such matters, people from the West are rushing to India to get surrogate mothers at a much lower cost.

Another factor which is also seen during the pregnancy is the fact that the healthier mind and body of the mother. Indian mothers who agree to have surrogate baby, are generally found to be in good health and mind. Hence the parents can be assured that the health of the would be baby will be fine after birth.

Moreover, it has been found that the women in India are less exposed to unhealthy lifestyle like alcohol, smoking and intake of drugs. All these factors have a very good impact on the health of the baby that is being carried in the mother’s womb.

The cost of surrogate motherhood in India varies from $1000 to $2000, but in Western countries like USA and UK, this cost will go up to five times at least. The law is also lenient in India in this regard. The percentage of success in surrogate motherhood in India is also very high compared to other countries as India has got many hospitals which offer world class treatment.

In more than 70% cases, it has been found that the mother is being able to carry the baby back along with her. Patients come to India from countries like USA, UK and Gulf Countries for this purpose.

JIT Mukherjii
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