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Butterball Turkey To Use Less Salt On This Thanksgiving Day

Twinkies and Wonder Bread are two wonderful makers of Butterball Turkey and both of them have announced that they will be using less salt in some of their products. This is an initiative on the part of the Butterball Turkey makers to support the national campaign on blood pressure.The health officials of the New York City have also confirmed that six other food companies like Butterball and Hostess have also expressed their will to reduce the salt content in their food by 25% over the next five years. Till now, 22 food manufacturing companies have signed with this initiative to reduce salt content in their food to reduce blood pressure level of the Americans.

It has been seen that most Americans consume more than double the required amount of salt everyday. Intake of too much salt can lead to formation of high blood pressure and that is exactly what is happening with the Americans.

If the salt intake of the Americans can be reduced by 20%, it can save the life of many Americans every year. Hence two most popular Butterball Turkey makers have decided to reduce the salt content by 25% to support the national initiative.

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