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Mother Breastfeeds Her Six Year Old Son With Five Month Old One

A mother has been found to be breastfeeding her five month old son with his six year old at the same time. The strange incident happened in the South Yorkshire village of Hemingfield in USA. It was just another cold winter morning and nobody was willing to go out of bed. There was cold chill in the air and also in the house itself. Amanda lifts her top and starts breastfeeding her five month old son William.

Till now, the story did not have any twist of tale. After a few minutes, her little boy of six years old walks down from next room and started saying that he is hungry and want to have some milk. Instead of asking Jonathon to take some milk from the kitchen or the fridge, the mother drew him to bed and started breastfeeding his six year son, too. Jonathon demanded breastfeed from her mother’s breast when he was three years old. But the lady, known by the name Amanda told him at that time that he has grown too old to have breastfeed.

But this morning, Amada could not refuse his six year old son when he demanded to have some milk from her other breast. So, while his five month old brother was breastfeeding from one breast, six year old Jonathon started with the other free breast.

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