Christian Slater Death Is A Rumor?

It seems that the gossip mongers spreading the rumors of the popular celebrities now and then have become a trend, just as we experienced in cases of the death rumors of actor Eddie Murphy or Adam Sandler on the web. Today Christian Slater death rumor is another addition to the trail.

Yes, all the Christian Slater admirers can rest assured as their popular celebrity is totally safe and alive. No, he hasn’t gone through any accident as we all read in internet. Sources reported that Christian Slater is at present very much busy in promoting his latest show “Breaking In”. The “Breaking In” show will be starring Brett Harrison, Christian Slater and Odette Yustman.

We all pray for Christian Slater’s a long, happy and prosperous life ahead.

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3 Replies to “Christian Slater Death Is A Rumor?

  1. I find it funny how people can try to ruin somebody like this although this is also a good way to advertise someone because for sure, once heard, people will come rushing to their computers and start looking at search engines.

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