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Chinese Mother’s Want Their Child To Be ‘Born In America’

A large numbers of Chinese expecting mothers are travelling to the Unites States to give birth of their child in America. This is increasingly becoming a craze among the middle class Chinese people to give birth to so called ‘American citizens’. When a Chinese child is born in America, he or she automatically becomes an American citizen. When the child will reach the age of 21, they can apply for green card and immigrate to USA.

To be on the safer side, some parents go to Hong Kong as their passport gives access to more than 120 countries of the world without any visa. Many agencies have come up in China who are helping the expecting mothers in this channel. The total cost of air tickets, fees covering the labor, pre delivery and post delivery cost will cost around $20,000.

Generally, it has been seen that since most airlines do not accept women who are more than 32 weeks pregnant, these women prefer to board the airline while they are six months pregnant. Many Chinese birth centers have also come up in America and the woman visits any one of them to ensure the delivery. These Chinese birth centers mostly operate without any license and they are mostly located at the discreet locations to avoid Government surveillance.

Double nationality is prohibited under the Chinese law. On the other hand, whenever a person gets US citizenship, he or she can get direct access to university loans, public education, voting rights and many more. Though in such cases, the amount of social benefits is much less than the citizens who pay tax to the American economy. Though giving birth to her child in America is a costly dream, but still many Chinese women are going for it. Uncle Sam, when will you wake up?


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