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Apple iPhone 5 September 15th Release-Is It Another Internet Hoax?

A report has been published in The International Business Times which claims, the long awaited iPhone 5 will hit the stores on September 7th, and the device will com equipped with Apple’s latest operating system iOS 5.

Apple fans were tremendously disappointed as the tech giant this year didn’t divulge anything regarding its next generation iPhone during annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is against the tradition of Apple.Inc

Though it seems to be another rumor that the web readers have came across in a while. There is no substance that IB Times claiming since ’some tech websites have gone ahead to make the prediction.’ Personally, we are expecting the date could be any work day in September (or August/October for that matter …).

As there is always a huge anticipations about the iphone launches, so internet has been constantly flooded with rumors and predictions of the release date of the upcoming Apple devices.and this year is also not the exception.  So, all the people who are ardently looking for Apple iPhone 5 launch, have yo got any clue regarding when we all see the device to arrive the market? Let’s start an iPhone 5 release day prediction pool. Though there will be no prizes given other than the pleasure of knowing you were true while I was wrong.

By the way, we do not have any insider info regarding the day when the iPhone 5 will be out. Therefore when we come across any such misleading rumors, it gets really confusing. So readers, if you get any clue on this matter, share with us.

I guess the date is September 15th.


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