He Can’t Kiss, Hence Jennette McCurdy Has Dumped Her NBA Boyfriend

entert picsJennette McCurdy opened up her awkward and short lived relationship with the Detriot Pistons star Andre Drummond, stating that it was lack of chemistry which lead her to break up with him. She spoke all about how she only agreed to date ex boyfriend Andre Drummond because he was so persistent.

She also admitted that her first kiss was nothing short of terrible. The 21 year old Jennette realized that it is not going to work out with the Detriot Pistons star Andre Drummond. She explained that she had a disastrous kiss that sent the relationship down the hill. She also said that she had her first kiss with him after the laser tagging. She said it was not that great, no sparks and the mouth…the shapes weren’t right.

She also said that she knew that they both weren’t a good fit but still she felt awkward for breaking up too soon since she’d already made it official at the social media network twitter. She explained that her breakup is all due to the lack of chemistry between Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond which she had realized just with the first kiss with him. Andre was not just the right one for her, she felt right after the kiss.


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