Hightower Of Police Academy Found Dead In His Home

Bubba Smith, who rose to stardom by acting in the famous movie Police Academy, has been found dead in his home in Baldwin Hills on August 3rd. He became famous for his role as Moses Hightower in the comic movie series Police Academy.

He was originally a NFL player whose name is real life was Charles Aaron Smith. He started his football career at the Michigan State University. He started his NFL career in 1967 and played with Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers nine consecutive seasons. The 6 foot 7 inches won the Super Bowl V when he was with the Colts in the year 1970.

Retiring from playing career in 1976, Bubba started a career in the entertainment industry. He appeared as a guest star in various TV series like Good Times, Charlie’s Angels and Taxi and finally, he got his big break in the 1984 comic movie Police Academy where he was given the role of Hightower. His recent movies include “Married…with Children” released in 2010.

His body was found dead by his caretaker and an autopsy will be conducted to know the exact cause of his death. Police feels that the cause of death was fully natural.


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