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Cameron Aide Patrick Rock Accused Of Child Abuse, Arrested

patrik rockPatrick Rock, 62, gave resignation from the office he holds as the deputy head of the policy unit on 12th February. Number 10 said that it had been made aware of an offence and indicated to the matter of the National Crime Agency that had arrested Mr Rock from his home on 13th February. However there is no confirmation obtained from the NCA’s side according to the obtained information.

A spokesman form Downing Street said Mr Rock’s arrest was accompanied by the incident of arranging officers to come into Number 10 to have access to all IT based systems and investigate and indulge in those matters which they feels to be relevant and legitimate. He also said that the Prime Minister David Cameron was informed in no time and was kept updated through regular detailed and updated report.

He added that he would not be able to comment on the investigation as it is ongoing but the Prime Minister believes that child abuse imagery is a disgraceful and hateful incident and anyone who is involved should be dealt with under the law and such things should be curbed down.

Amazingly though, Mr Rock was one of the officials who had been working on policies to rid the internet of child abuse.

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