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Bunch Of Sri Lankans Returned From Australia On Piracy Case

The seekers of Sri Lankan asylum who intentionally hijacked one of the fishing trawlers  to make their way for getting into Australia , were send back to the homeland on 27th of October,2012 for facing the charges of piracy. One of the members of this team returned back to home land Sri Lanka last month of the year 2012 i.e. on September on Voluntary basis.

As per Mr. Chris Bowen, The Minister for Immigration of Australia came to know that on behalf of Sri Lankan Government arrest warrant has been issued for that group of people who were suspected on the ground of hijacking the fishing trawler Chejan and attacked the crew of the trawler on 13th of October.

The team of 14 hijackers was disbursed back to Srilanka on a special chartered plane after detail discussion with Sri Lankan Government. One team member has not yet been send back to Srilanka as his status is yet to be assessed. Another person aged 39 who volunteered to return back to his country with a promise to pay a government resettlement package of $3300 later denied to pay after reaching the country was among the 14 hijackers who was send second time to Sri Lanka.

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