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Child Abuse Tends To Rise, FBI Rescues 168 Children

Near about 170 victims of child abuse and illegal sex trafficking had been successfully rescued by the FBI, as a part of its annual nationwide crackdown process. All of these children had been reported as missing and was abducted by notorious people who spoil them at the spring time of life. The reports from the FBI said that in addition to such success, as many as 281 pimps were also arrested during the same period on state and federal charges.

FBI Director James Comey remarked the kids as America’s children while announcing the annual enforcement push. He proudly exclaimed that the children were not any faraway kids and their roots lie only in America.

The operation was conducted in as many as 106 cities and it was the eighth such week-long operation. Comey also added in his speech that the FBI always give priority to rescuing children and that there can be no more meaningful work than this.

The Director also expressed his deepest concern over the fact of increasing prevalence of innocent children who are being prostituted online. Recent records reveal that there is an increasing trend to such kind of notorious activities.

While releasing the results of the crackdown the FBI also released a video of Nicole, who was a victim of underage human trafficking. Nicole was only 17 when she was lured in to the life of a prostitute rather forcefully.

According to the FBI,  ever since its creation in 2003, the Bureau’s Innocence Lost Program has successfully recovered as many as 3600 children who have been brutally exploited for trafficking.


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