Will Andy Reid Do Better After Bye Week?

It has been seen in the past that teams which come after a bye week generally performs better than normal weeks. So, from the past statistics it can be seen that teams lead by Andy Reid have also performed better after the bye weeks. Supporters of Philadelphia Eagles are quite enthusiastic to know this fact as their favorite team will also play this week after a long bye week.

Their coach Andy Reid is their favorite star as he is considered to be one of the most successful coaches in this game. Records revealed by CBS also have shown that young Andy Reid at the tender age of 14 playing in a punt, pass and kick competition. Everybody was amused to see their favorite Andy Reid playing at such a young age.

Statistics have also shown that Andy Reid is always three points better than normal when he is playing the game after a bye week. This trend was true throughout his career, but it seemed to get reversed during the past three years. Still, the supporters want to be optimistic when their favorite team enters the field to play the game. Moreover, Eagles also get an advantage when they play in their home field.

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