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Breville Juice Fountain: Your Shortcut to Healthy Foods

If you haven’t got the time to peel fruits, slice them, and then put them into the juicer in order to extract a glass of juice, its time to rethink your juicing ideas because Breville Juice Fountain does all that work in a matter of a few seconds, while other juicers take more than ten minutes to do the same. The juice Fountain series from Breville is extremely advantageous to users because it changed the concept of mixers and juices. Its construction as a centrifugal juicer enables you to extract maximum from the fruits and vegetables, without unnecessary complications or dirtying the kitchen slabs.


The design of the Breville Juice Fountain is one of the most futuristic designs planned by food processors. The reason for its popularity is due to the fact that the feed tube of this juicer is diametrically above the cutting blades, thus balancing the fruits perfectly without leading to spillage. The juicer also has the first of its kind dual-action knife which acts as a blade too, helping to chop down fruits into miniscule parts for better juicing, and also balances the food firmly inside the juicer. The Breville Juice Fountain Plus, the newest offering from Breville, takes this a step further by adding separate blades for hard and soft fruits, having different speed regulators so that each fruit can be juiced according to its consistency.

The added features of the new model include a juice jug where you can store the juice and a filter to separate the extra froth from the surface of the juice. They parts, made high quality die-cast metal, and blunt, rounded ends, are smooth and easy to dismantle and clean. Keeping in mind the lack of time in today’s world, all parts of the juicer have been thoughtfully constructed as dishwasher safe. The internal parts of the Breville Juice Fountain are of the best quality. The titanium coated parts and stainless steel knives of the juicer ensure a rust-free performance. The sieves in the juicer contain thousands of minute pores, making it easy to wash, since the fruit particles can’t enter the other parts of the machine and are fully liquefied.

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus makers don’t joke when they declare that the juicer can grind a solid apple into juice in a matter of seconds. The speed of the Breville Juice Fountain goes up to 13,000 RPM, an unbelievable speed for a domestic juicer to achieve. This, along with the thousands of filtering pores, ensures that you get maximum nutrition from the fruits. The machine has been designed keeping in mind the hardness of various fruits. Therefore, if you’re juicing spinach, you can run the Breville Juice Fountain at a slow speed of 6000 rpm. While for harder fruits and vegetables, increase it accordingly. This gives you the healthiest extracts from all fruits and vegetables.

The best feature of the juicer is that it does the cutting and the slicing itself, decreasing your workload. The thoughtful micro mesh component in the Breville Juice Fountain contains 120 knives which all act on the fruit, slicing it into perfect pieces. To top the several benefits of the Breville Juice Fountain and the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, they are now available at $529, a small price to pay for long lasting health and fuss-free juicing experience.



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