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Pantech Launches Four New Handsets On AT&T

When the holiday season is just knocking on the door, all the mobile manufacturers have made it a point to allure consumers with their upcoming mobile handsets. Pantech Mobiles without being any exception has just unveiled a range of new innovative handsets in the US market. The names of the newly launched handsets are Laser, Pursuit, Ease and Breeze II. The first two of the range offers quick messaging option, but the later ones mainly focuses on the design with simplicity.

Pantech Mobiles claim that the handset named laser to be the thinnest handset ever that comes with a slide out QWERT keyboard for easy message typing. Moreover, its AMOLED touch-screen capacity along with 3 megapixel camera plus numerous personalization applications surely attract the teenage mobile users. All these handy features will be available in the handset for a price of $99.99.

All these handsets are designed to flaunt the users with modern utilities at cheaper prices. This holiday season users can surely take them home since all of the stylish yet elegant looking devices will be available at AT&T stores. The prices for Pantech Ease and Breeze II are $49.99 and $19.99 respectively. The modern facilities combined with simplicity surely shall be able to grab consumer’s attention. If you are looking for advanced user modes in your handset along with a customizable menu and external LED notifier than Breeze II is perhaps the right choice for you.

Below you can see a demo video of Pantech Laser Handset

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