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Ten Features Likely To Be Seen In Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most sought after gadgets in the world. The engineers and designers at Apple have always been offering their customers with novice features in their products.

The same is expected with the launch of Apple iPhone 5. Yes, you read it right and Apple is all set to launch the fifth series of iPhone. With every series of iPhone, the company has achieved new standards by introducing new features.

This time as well Apple is speculated to offer some out of the box features.

It is not known which of the following features would be present in Apple iPhone 5 but they would help users in getting an idea about the gadget to be launched soon.

1. The operating system can be updated wirelessly without connecting the cell phone to the computer system.

2. The cell phone would be running iOS 5 instead of iOS 4.

3. The users might get use 4G connectivity with Apple iPhone 5.

4. The rumors about iPhone with smaller screen might come true this time.

5. Inclusion of a function called Near-Field Communication.

6. Users might get Sprint connectivity with iPhone 5.

7. You might get to use the cell phone at somewhat different prices.

8. The glass surface introduced in iPhone 4 caused inconvenience to users and this is the reason why it might be replaced with an aluminum one this time.

9. The company is not launching the phone in market in summers like earlier times.

10. Chances are there of getting 3D display on iPhone 5.



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