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Celebrities Rush To Help China Explosion Affected Victims

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The recent blast in China has paralyzed one of its core industrial zones. Northern China’s Binhai New Area is a huge logistics hub, considered twice the size of entire Hong Kong. The details of the China explosion at a chemical warehouse are yet to figure out, as the investigations are…

Casualties Increasing In Huge Explosion In China

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World is shaken with the news of the huge explosion in China that took place on Wednesday at around 23:30 (15:30 GMT) following by another more devastating blast leaving at least 45 people dead with hundreds of injured.   This shocking blast happened in a warehouse located in China’s northern…

US Poll Overshadowing The Power Change In China

You will get to see the American population visiting the polls on Tuesday the 6th of Nov, 2012 with complete focus of the media people on this poll. US Poll Overshadowing The Power Change In China is published on 2012-11-05T15:48:27+05:30 and last modified: 2012-11-05T15:48:27+05:30 by Foster

Why China and Japan Are Fighting For 8 Tiny Islands

In recent times both China and Japan are in news due to a dispute between them relating to Senkaku Islands. It is believed that Senkaku Islands is one of the prospective areas of resource for oil and natural gas. Presently the two countries are in a tug of war claiming…