Students Run Into Confusion As Row Between UGC And Delhi University Gain Winds

Thousands of students seeking admission has been buried in a sea of confusion with a surging a high big dispute over the Delhi University’s four year undergraduate programme. The students are even apprehensive of their career post-admission as the University Grants Commission (UGC), has ordered the Delhi University to admit students only under the traditional three-year programme.

The Four Year Undergraduate Programme or FYUP was put in place last year. The change in curriculum was powered by the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University, Dinesh Singh who believes that such a structure will empower interdisciplinary approach. However the teachers complained that they had not been consulted. Jointly with the student bodies, the teachers too have been protesting against this structure, which involves a foundation course at the first year and the honorary course starts only from the second year.

Many are of the view that the Delhi University can run in to big chaos as the “parent body” UGC can stop giving grants and may even de-recognise the DU if the ordered is defied in any case.

Adding to more woes, the merit lists for various courses is all set to be released on Monday evening and admissions to start from Tuesday. Amidst all such worries, St Stephen’s College has announced that it will postpone the admission process and quite likely the other colleges will follow the suit.

The UGC on the other hand has set up a committee comprising of its own officials, teachers and student leaders to prepare the blueprint for switching back to the traditional curriculum.

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