Arcade Fire Gets The Best Album Of The Year Grammy Award

To everybody’s surprise, Arcade Fire is the winner of the best album of the year. This was considered quite an upset for the singing stars like Gaga, Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Antebellum. The award by Arcade Fire has prevented Lady Antebellum of a complete sweep as she has won the best song of the year and also the best record of the year.

Another shocking news is the winning of best new artist by Esperanza Spalding defeating the teen idol Justin Bieber. Everybody was betting on Eminem while the taking away of the award by Arcade Fire was also quite astonishing to the media people also.

The Arcade Fire got the award for their music The Suburbs, which has been released by Merge Records. It is an independent label which is based in North Carolina. Incidentally, Arcade Fire has got nominations for three other categories. About 400,000 copies of The Suburbs have been sold, thus making it a smashing hit in the context of an indie label. The number is considered to be a huge one, in the age of downloading.

Two other albums of Arcade Fire, namely Funeral (2005) and Neon Bible (2008) have been nominated as the album of the year. This Canada based multi-instrumental band belongs to husband and wife team, namely Win Butler and Regine Chassagne. Goog time seems to be tickling down for the couple who at last have broken the ice at the Grammy’s award.

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