Research Proved Brain Function Can Be Boosted With Exercises In Dementia

Based on a recent research an interesting fact came in limelight that elderly people suffering from dementia can go for improving the functioning of cognitive as well as other working abilities with regular physical exercises.The Cochrane Library, very recently published a systematic review which includes 6 different trials applied on 329 people. This review clearly justified the fact that if exercises can be done regularly then improvement can be noticed in cognitive functioning.

Out of this 329 people, 289 people proved the fact that older people having dementia can get positive results with regular exercise activities. By daily activities we mean taking a walk for a short distance, taking initiative towards getting up after sitting on a chair etc.

Based on this latest review experts concluded that they observed some promising evidence related to exercise programs towards improvement of cognition besides the ability of conducting activities of daily life. Experts still believes that they need to be bit more cautious while interpreting the findings for this research.

Experts also mentioned that fact that they failed to get sufficient evidence to prove the fact that exercises can play a significant role to bring improvement in the behavior of challenging as well as depressed people of older age having dementia.


JIT Mukherjii
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