Miley Cyrus Nudity Drags Canadian Blogger Into A Lawsuit

Pop diva  is seriously thinking about taking a strong legal action against a Canadian blogger named Zack Taylor. But what is the reason behind such a drastic step? When asked, a trusted source of News365Today unveiled, this Canadian blogger allegedly published a nude photograph purported to be the famous teen sensation wearing almost nothing. Later on, Taylor made a confession that the photo was artificially created, and the woman in the nude photograph was actually a British model. Miley Cyrus repeatedly claimed before this confession that the picture wasn’t her because, since it doesn’t show the Cyrus’ tattoo which was created under her left breast, and it is enough proof of claiming the picture to be a fake one.

If Miley finally sues the gossip cop Zack Taylor, it will not be very unlikely since the same claim was filed back in 2002 by Anna Kournikova against Penthouse magazine.  Penthouse printed few topless pictures claiming to be photographed when the tennis star was taking sunbath on a Florida beach without wearing any top.  Finally it was exposed that the photos were not of Kournikova but of an ex-model named Soltesz-Benetton who was also the daughter in law of Italian fashion designer Luciano Benetton Judith.  Both Soltesz-Benetton and Kournikova filed lawsuits against Penthouse for infringement of their rights of publicity.  The judge after evaluating the case gave his ruling in favor of Soltesz-Benetton case due to his moral support to the girls’ claims, and for the interim enjoined Penthouse from further distributing that particular issue containing the offensive pictures. Penthouse finally apologized for the blunder and eventually settled both actions.

The chances of significant financial damages may have caused Zack Taylor to apologize for his wrong act.  The Canadian blogger is now publicly reporting that ALLEGED MILEY CYRUS SEXTING PHOTO IS NOT OF HER!!

Now let us see whether Miley Cyrus forgives this awful mistake and reconsider about taking any further legal action.

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